80-20 Sales Training

Almost all industry recognized and branded sales training methodologies have three key weaknesses:

  • Too Narrow: In an industry driven by publishing sales and a franchise based training delivery model, it is imperative to develop a differentiated sales methodology to the exclusion of all others. This means that a lot of great material from competitive providers is overlooked and that the training insights rapidly become unnecessarily narrow.
  • Too Theoretical: The drive to create voluminous branded material typically results in great insights being lost in less impactful material. There is a natural bias towards material that is theoretical (good for book sales) and almost all branded methodologies are light when it comes to delivering a simple, practical and repeatable play-book of strategies and tactics.
  • Lack of Reinforcement: Research by Neil Rackham, the author of SPIN Selling, has shown that 87 percent of sales training content is forgotten by reps within thirty days.

80-20 is not constrained by a need to adhere to one prescribed methodology and our courses combine the best principles and tactical action points from a wide range of world renowned strategic sales methodologies.

80-20 Sales Training is also anchored by the practical experience gained by the firm’s Principals over two decades of selling complex solutions to C-Level executives at the world’s largest businesses. 80-20 team members have consistently been ranked as the top sales performers wherever they have worked. Our training courses represent a series of theoretical insights reinforced through role plays and references to existing sales funnel activities.

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Sales Territory Design and Implementation

The importance of designing the optimal segregation of your addressable market cannot be overstated. 80-20 has deep experience in designing sales territories that maximize economic results. We have the analytic and modelling capability to factor in the overarching design of your sales strategy, organizational sales targets, individual commission plans, and CRM design and implementation.

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Sales Target and Commission Plan Formulation

80-20 have deep experience designing commission, bonus and incentive plans that drive optimal behavior and the results that your business need. We have the analytic and modelling capability to design a solution that aligns with your growth goals (e.g. capturing market share versus margin maximization).

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Web Presentation Development & Remote Selling

B2B selling is increasingly competitive; customers have access to a wealth of competitive data at the touch of a button, and they are reluctant to dedicate time to a lengthy sales process. 80-20 are experts at designing concise and compelling web presentations that engage clients, reduce sales cycles, and improve conversion ratios.

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Call Script Design and Training

Whether generating top quality leads or conducting the entire sales process over the phone, the art of phone selling is just as important today as it has ever been. 80-20 trained professionals never sound scripted, but the foundation of their success is a script that delivers the proverbial knockout punch.

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Identifying the Ideal Customer Profile

During this consultation process, 80-20 regularly identifies a new target market, customer profile or an entirely new channel to market for our client. 80-20 has decades of experience consulting with senior executives at the world’s largest organizations and we are experts in matching our client’s value proposition to the right people at the right business.

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Salesforce.com CRM Training

80-20 believes that Salesforce.com is the World’s best sales-driven CRM solution. We have significant experience helping businesses maximize their return on investment in this solution by coaching best practices to sales managers and sales teams.

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Customer Value Proposition Assessment and Creation

It is common for businesses to gravitate to a product/service centric sales approach, resulting in the dreaded list of features and benefits. 80-20 are experts at formulating a customer centric value proposition; one that gets to the heart of the problem that our client is solving and is guaranteed to grab prospects’ attention.

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Sales Strategy Design and Implementation

Great sales results start with an optimal strategic plan. One size fits all? We don’t think so! At 80-20 we ask the right questions and employ decades of international business development experience to build a sales strategy and process that is right for your business.

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